About the institute

We work so as every person and every industrial enterprise could contribute to preserving the environment through access to new technologies and equipment.

Our institute is contacted when it is necessary to organize the production of biodiesel fuel from vegetable oils and animal fats, to obtain water-fuel emulsions and composite fuels, to ensure the reuse of petroleum products, to treat the wastewater with a different composition of contaminants to maximum permissible concentration norms. For this purpose, the institute conducts research aimed at the development and implementation of new technologies that can reduce the amount of hazardous emissions into the atmosphere, decrease the volume of oil-contaminated waste, save raw materials and stuff. We handle realistic problems that arise in the sector of industry; therefore, the research activities listed are not exhaustive and keep expanding. If you want to get advice from our specialists or to carry out experiments in our laboratory, please send a request using the information from the “Contacts” tab.