Expert Examinations


Certification of products

In addition to scientific research, the Alternative Fuels Institute provides the service such as certification of products. Purchasing a product, every buyer puts forward certain requirements for this product in terms of functionality, reliability, durability, etc. In addition to the buyer’s (consumer’s) requirements, there are also requirements of the countries where products are sold. For example, environment and human health safety. They are usually recorded in industry sector codes and state standards. Both manufacturers and consumers of the products are interested to ensure that the product meets the requirements. Compliance with the requirements is confirmed by contacting an expert organization and obtaining a supporting document (a certificate). The Alternative Fuels Institute is an expert organization entitled to carry out tests for determining the compliance of products and materials with the requirements put forward. Based on the tests carried out, reports are drawn up, conclusions are made, and certificates are issued.

What is checked during the certification of products?

While testing, the Alternative Fuels Institute specialists check the following:

• compliance of provided sample with baseline safety requirements enshrined in state standards and international agreements;

• type of components and materials as a part of the final product;

• mechanical strength of samples;

• electrical safety;

• operability;

• amount of hazardous substances generated in the course of work, etc.

Types of material tests

The quality of the final product depends not only on the production technology, but also on the quality of raw materials. At the Alternative Fuels Institute, you can check to what extent the proposed materials meet the requirements, how quickly they age, and for what reasons they become damaged.

What products do we certify?

The availability of a test site and a laboratory allows us to test the following products and materials:

  • pressurized equipment;
  • electronics and electrical equipment;
  • mechanical products;
  • construction materials;
  • rolled metal products.

A list of certified products is expanded on an ongoing basis. In order to ascertain the possibility of carrying out and ordering an expert examination, please contact us by e-mail