About the institute

In 2007, the institute founders accumulated the ideas to preserve the environment by increasing the efficiency of technologies and equipment for production of alternative fuels. The implementation of these ideas required the emergence of a new-format organization the employees of which were to engage in researching, as well as to contribute to the implementation of their developments in various industries. At first, the institute work was limited to researching the production of biodiesel fuel from different types of raw materials and by means of different reactors. It was followed by development of new technologies aimed to reduce harmful emissions, to decrease the amount of oil-contaminated waste, and to save raw materials and stuff:

  • production of water-fuel emulsions using the hydrodynamic cavitation and a vortex layer of ferromagnetic particles;
  • purification and regeneration of used petroleum oils using natural adsorbents;
  • decontamination of wastewater from pathogenic microorganisms using a rotating electromagnetic field, etc.


In addition, the Alternative Fuels Research Institute provides the services for carrying out experiments in its laboratory using the customer’s source raw materials.